SIEGE DUPING REDUX [Author: wirehead]

UO Tradespot is running with a story on a possible new Siege dupe:

I might be wrong, however today I it was confirmed, there is a dupe bug on SP. Trust me I’m not lying.

No details as of yet, but it may be related to the rumored castle deeds that SuN floated around. Runesabre had this to say about that rumor and others:

When SUN paniced and started throwing castle deeds around, we warped the
server back 5 hours to eliminate the ill-gotten goods as well as deleted
their stuff. So its unlikely anyone still has those castle deeds. I can
find out what players have of course and it doesn’t have to be in their bank
either. 🙂

So if you know of a dupe on Siege, your safest bet is to email someone, now, before you get caught in the inevitable dragnet. Email Calandryll, email Runesabre, hell, email me and I’ll frown thoughtfully (and then just forward it to Calandryll or Runesabre minus your name).

Remember, only you can prevent shard timewarps.