SIEGE DUPLICITOUS? [Author: wirehead]

More on the dupe rumors that impacted this long weekend. First, a former member of SUN has this to say:

Runesabre is bluffing. After the investigation, a handful of people were all unblocked, including myself. Many of these people had duped items on their characters. I doubt they had deeds, but i know for a fact they had stackables (my friend was unblocked with 1,000’s of regs sitting right there in their backpack – no shit).

The gap in the investigation was probubly the tower that was never found or mentioned. Within this tower was a healthy amount of regs, and possibly other things (I didnt check). Before the investigation began, and before everything became hot, this tower was deeded, and the contents were distributed among various characters (stackables only i believe). Its my speculation that OSI didnt search these characters as well as the ones involved in the castle issue, if they searched them at all. Its fairly obvious that they didnt, because people in that tower used those reagents and had a very steep magery gain in a matter of a day. These same people were unblocked and some (at least 1) still had reagents on their characters, and possibly other things. The bug was supposedly never fixed, just monitored much more seriously after the duping event. Just my 2 cents.

There’s also been quite a bit of folks who disagree with me for publicizing these rumors. Here’s a sample.

guess the question is, is it old money or new money floating around. Where can i start, first off SuN was quite generous with the wealth and didnt hesitate to share it. Warping the shard 5 hrs when sun was banned to stop that last minute rush of wealth they handed off was a great idea, however first hand i have to say it was not sufficient damage control. SuN gave out deeds for close to a month, no joke, warping it 5 hrs simply removed any last minute hand offs…what about the wealth they spread around for the month before that. SuN duped for a good 2 months before they where busted, its not rational to think that the 5 hr warp would erase the wealth they had accumalated.

Another point also to be taken into account here is that SuN made the dupe ‘public’ 8-10 days BEFORE it was fixed. By public I mean certain members shared the bug with a small group of people in an irc chat, they included fool proof explanations and instructions. These people were not members of SuN but they SuN knew the end was near and in a last ditch effort to ‘screw osi’ they decided to release the info to a group of people. Anyone that thinks these people couldnt have caused a significant amout of dmg in 8-10 days is insane.

Dont get me wrong I think dupe bugs ruin the game…. i just know theres alot of old money floating around. People have been sitting on millions on the SP shard waiting for the heat to die down. I would put my money on that gold being old gold.

Also as far as money being hard to come by on SP….not anymore, my friend and i made enough in a week to place a tower using tamed Dragons to kill monsters. 2 of us can make 500-600k in a weeks time if we play for a few hours each day. Sp is not the pauper shard that it was 2-3 months ago, people are skilled now and have the resources and skills neccasary to make good amounts of gold.

Guess I’m just tired of hearing ‘Duper’ called on anyone that has something of value. Just because someone is to lazy or doesnt know how to make cash in a legit way they have no reason to scream dupe. The mass banning and attention that one person gets for screaming “Duper” is getting out of hand in my opinion, i think we should just all play the game…what was done months ago when there was a dupe cant be changed now. The sooner people accept that and realize that there are legit ways to make money even on SP, the sooner we can all go back to playing and enjoy this game instead of worrying that someone will scream duper at you and OSI will swoop in and take it all away even if its all legit. This is starting to remind me of the witch hunts from the middle ages. One person screams witch and we 10 people get ‘burned at the stake’. Thats my 10 cents.

And another writes, more directly:

You posting all this information about a Siege dupe and possible warp has everyone TOO SCARED TO PLAY ON THIS SHARD. Posting all this “Dupe Rumor” is hurting the Siege community. Until OSI puts out something Official, you should retract your statements about a WARP and a DUPE. You have everyone to scared to play for fear of a warp.

Couple of points to make here.

(1) Castles and towers are — and SHOULD be appearing on Siege now. The shard has mature characters who can make money easily, via taming or controlling dungeons or simple mercantile activity. Just as an example, the Glowember family has enough property that, if combined, would easily pay for a castle.

(2) What we’re seeing, however, is millions of gold appearing SUDDENLY. The market, especially for shard-to-shard transfers, is flooding. A lot of attention has been focused on the Tradespot folks because of this. I don’t believe they are duping. The correct term for what they are doing is “money laundering”.

(3) I’m not sure that there is currently a working dupe. Some have said that the SUN dupe still works. Personally, I’m skeptical; we all remember the lag-infested hell that dupe caused, and we’re not seeing that currently. However, as has been confirmed by many, we are still seeing the impact of that dupe, in the form of duped deeds and stackables now hitting the marketplace.

(4) As for the panic on a shard revert/timewarp. I don’t believe that Origin would timewarp unless they ABSOLUTELY had to. Take as an example the recent warp of Baja and Pacific. That happened because exploiters were literally stealing vendors. A LOT of vendors. That not only destroys the economy, it’s simply artifical interference in the game that shouldn’t – can’t – be tolerated. Origin did the right thing in timewarping the weekend here. If they do it again on Siege, it would be in reaction to similarly disastrous consequences. I don’t think what we’re seeing qualifies.

(5) As to whether or not I should be posting these stories. You have the right to know. It’s just that simple.