*SIGH* [Author: lum]

As Mu so eloquently updates, Archery’s Call officially sucks now.

I tried a little Archery’s Call this weekend before the PC blew up in my face (note to self – never install Windows 2000 ever, ever, ever again), and as Mu noted, archery just owns. I was happily demolishing 5th and 6th lvl critter camps with my newbie archer from a distance.

However, AC’s main problem is that there’s no there there. All my AC playtime has consisted mainly of wandering through spacious vistas looking for crap to kill. They were admittedly beautiful vistas – the AC engine is one of the best 3D outdoor engines I’ve ever seen, and puts Everquest’s engine to shame – but there wasn’t anything particularly to do. Bleah.

I also played EQ for a few hours since Verant won’t cancel my account until it runs out (I bet if they actually sued me they would probably cancel it immediately though) and was bored in a few hours. Note to MMRPG designers – camping Blackburrow is an example of what NOT to do in a game. Right up there with Brit bank.