The optional part:

I’m really not sure if this counts as selling out or not, because if Lum and Company’s intentions were to get to me stop drawing them doing patently stupid things in goofy parody comics by hiring me on, well, they failed completely. :>

Anyway, hi. I’m Brent and I have marching orders to occasionally draw MMOGish things for here and what-not whenever I have the inspiration to. For the moment, that involves finishing ‘The Comics of Lum the Mad’. I’m not quite certain yet what you’ll see in the way of future projects from me — I really don’t have the time to crank out any sort of daily comic. Graduate school keeps a person busy like that.

So I might stick to editorial-type cartoons regarding things MMOGish. Or I might perpetuate TCoLtM into a quasi-serial sort of thing beyond what I have planned, because when I think about it, a thing like “D.C. Follies meets the MMOG industry” would be a hell of a lot of fun to draw. :>

‘course, with my luck I’ll just wind up being a Cafepress bitch or something. Le sigh.

The Comics Of Lum The Mad