Sims Online Resurrects At Healer, Naked Save For Robe And Newbie Dagger, Runs After Second Life Being Stabby

Sims Online reappears as EA Land.

In EA-Land players can play for free for as long as they want, in TSO Players were limited to a one-time 14-day trial period. That trial period, however, enabled all game features, while in EA-Land free players do not have access to all features.

In EA-Land users can upload custom content, including bitmaps, and at this stage chairs and scultptures. Users can also ‘skin’ objects by applying the uploaded bitmap to change the appearances of objects.

Another point of interest is almost casually dropped in the free-to-play FAQ:

Because we intend to let user sell their Simoleans for real money, we cannot have the game give money to free players.

Plus, this game has quite possibly the coolest name ever. LETSPLAY IN EA LAND!