God, kTalk is SUCH an enlightening place lately. In between the various posts on what a lame fuck I am for having other people post their opinions (which is supposed in some twisted way to convince me to post more?) we get notes such as this:

: This website has run amuck with you nazi roleplayers and your god damn opinions on pvp, something you don’t even participate in. Stick to staying in your towers with some gay guy with a female character emoting sex acts to each other.

Emote THIS, motherfucker. With such idiots running amuck (this was probably the calmest of the many postings) why the hell would anyone care what the hell your opinion is?

First off, no one fucking ASKED you about precasting. It’s a fucking BUG. I am so sorry if you built your entire gimp 7x GM Tank Mage around it. DEAL.

Second off, when the Lead Fucking Programmer of Origin (I think that’s his job title) gets on the horn and asks “Hey, did I fix skills or not?” this is NOT your cue to say “Fix precasting you punk ass bitch!”. Because even if somehow Origin would be convinced NOT to fix that bug (which they’re not) somehow I doubt people acting like lame-ass suburban imitations of DMX, only with a high-pitched nasally voice and no balls, would convince him to look sideways, much less actually do what you ask.

I think you idiots seriously are starting to have reality issues here. Just because you run around UO emoting “ass rap3d y0u! B00yah!” does not mean that this sort of behavior works in real life.

God, with the intellect being shown off lately maybe we should just chalk up all ORPGs as failed experiments until the gaming public makes it to puberty.