Well, in spite of the fact that Ventani, the fourth warder in the sleeper’s tomb, has been labeled a part of EverQuest’s “end game,” it only took a few weeks after the Conquest debacle for another crack commando unit to get their tactics on, kill Ventani and poke Kerafyrm (the Sleeper) in the ribs:

What happened after Kerafyrm was released was complete chaos. The first place we’re sure he was spotted was in Skyshrine, where he subsequently went around killing everyone in the zone. After that, rumors poured in about where he was, and honestly we can’t be sure where he went. I’ve been told that he went everywhere from Great Divide (I have no idea why), to Wakening Lands, to Western Wastes, and lots of other zones. I’m sure I speak for my guild when I say it was easily the most entertaining time we’ve ever had playing the game.

As for whether or not this unplanned series of events is going to get them in trouble, that doesn’t seem as though it’s going to be a problem:

Lots of people have asked if we’re going to get banned now. Thankfully not. Several GMs sent us congratulations, and some said how proud they were that it happened on their server.

Congratulations to Blood of the Spider of The Rathe server for proving once again that life… finds a way.