The official Press Release:


Diamond Bar, California, July 27, 2001-Fallen Age, the innovative massively multiplayer online game from Netamin has been placed on hold indefinitely, the company announced today.

“We have run into creative differences with our partners in Korea, and have decided this week that we had no choice but to put the game on hold,” said Daniel “Savant” Manachi, Producer of Fallen Age. “As a result, the beta servers will be shut down this weekend.”

“We sincerely apologize to our testers for the time and effort they’ve put into helping test the game,” said Manachi. “Because of their dedication, we are working with the folks at Mythic Entertainment to enable Fallen Age testers to move to the Dark Age of Camelot Beta.”

“We’ll have details in the coming week(s) for the testers regarding this move, and we greatly appreciate Mythic for working with us. While we are all competitors, it’s nice to know that the players can come first,” said Manachi.

Savant, Producer of Fallen Age, also sited disagreements in decisions concerning beta such as patching to the player base. FA testers are expected to hear about their acceptance into DAoC beta in approximately one week after final arrangements have been made.

When asked about the possibility of the return of Fallen Age, Savant had this to say:

Savant – Fallen Age, as it exists as you know it, can’t break away from Killride… They own the Intellectual Property and the source code. Fallen Age the name, belongs to us — So technically, you may yet to see “Fallen Age” (if we can’t patch things up) but it will not be like what you were testing until now.

Netamin plans on continuing development of two unannounced titles including one MMOG sport title.