So Many Icons Could Have Been Used With This Story… So I Made A New One

EI Interactive, the current owners of Horizons, who bought the company from Tulga Games, which came from/had roughly the same management as Artifact Entertainment, has been bought by Pixel Magic Entertainment, which not only has roughly the same management as EI Interactive but, according to a WHOIS check, arose forth from Athena’s brow earlier this month (11/9/06).

That makes this the fourth company since launching to operate Horizons, and the fifth management team to work on Horizons since its inception as a wisp of magic fairy dust in David Allen’s eye.

Apparently, the experience dealing with Horizon’s somehow beyond all reason still extant community has given the Pixel Magic Entertainment team experience to…

provide the basic instruction, community support and tools necessary to help amateur game designers refine their abilities, though our online community.

I am making absolutely none of this up. I’m not nearly that creative.