SO VERY COOL [Author: myschyf]

The new patch for UO has all sorts of UO3D goodness attached. I haven’t seen it in person for myself because I am busy achieving GM status in “asking Arcadian to refresh my houses” skill. However, those nice French elven people at Jeux Online have put up the new scenario art for all to see.

WARNING!!!! SPOILER!!!! This is the new scenario stuff. If you don’t want to see the stuff before you see it in game do not click the above link.

Eeeek! A mouse! No actually I forgot the new fashions Heather has been doing over at COB (yeah COB still exists sort of — its part of Warcry now). Anyway Heather found the new UO3D clothing artwork and put together a compendium of mens and womens fashions and also fantasy weapons. Very spiffy. Check it out. Please note that most of the items are not yet in game, however the art for it does exist. I’m not exactly sure what that means but its still spiffy.