SO WHAT *DOES* THAT $10 GO FOR? [Author: wirehead]

The UO scene has been eerily quiet lately, with only mild bitching about blacksmithing being torn to shreds, but two infobits popped up tonight.

The first is an In Concept update which goes into more detail about characters being wiped after three months of activity.

I’ve thought about this some, and I think it’s a horrible idea. I’m sorry, if I am paying you money the least you can do is kindly not delete my characters. I understand that a “big push” is on to reduce the size of the character database. That’s great. However, I don’t pay Origin $10 a month so that they can arbitrarily decide which characters I haven’t played often enough. I can understand the new housing item count recently proposed for the same reason — but this is going too far. Bottom line, if Origin can’t figure out how to trim their databases without deleting my characters, something is very, very wrong.

Heaven forbid someone should purchase UO while in the military, and be deployed out to sea or in Kuwait or something for four months. Hell yeah, let’s punish folks for defending our country! (If you’re not American, replace “Kuwait” with your own national defense of corporate interests, unless you’re Canada, in which case you have no corporate interests save perhaps shutting up Ross Perot. Or Celine Dion. You know, if you Canadians don’t do something about her, we will.)

Also, in the latest installment of What the Hell Happened To All the Crap You Promised Us, Firedog comments on why Alchemy isn’t here yet. To quote, it’s “big. Really big.”