Anyone else wondering how this punchlist that Origin posted on 9/22 is going?

Coming Soon for Ultima Online: The Next 6 Months
Origin is incredibly excited to be able to announce to you the latest plans for Ultima Online. Over the next 6 months, we will be expanding and improving UO. As features become ready, they will be rolled out to the existing playerbase in regularly scheduled updates.

We’ve detailed an assortment of our plans below, and will be providing extensive information on each as they are implemented over the next six months.

Land Expansion
While the specific details of these lands are still being formalized, they will undoubtedly bring new opportunities for housing and adventuring.

Options for PvP
The addition of this land will allow us to geographically separate play styles within UO, meaning we can create areas for engaging, adventuring experiences without the element of player versus player combat. There will, of course, still be plenty of room for player versus player combat. In fact, PvP will be expanded and improved in the future.

Party System
A party system is being designed to allow group adventuring. We plan to allow you to easily share profits and resources with your party while hunting.

Improved Monster AI
We will be upgrading monsters with an improved AI to enable them to react to players in new ways, in addition to making them more challenging to defeat overall.

Increased Veteran Player Volunteer Programs
We expect to have over 3,000 trained Counselors, Companions and Seers in place by February 2000 to support and enhance the world of UO. Interesting in joining us? Visit our Counselor Application area for details.

Almost three months into this self-imposed six month deadline, and we still haven’t progressed beyond the You’ve Got Too Goddam Many ITems stage.

And, of course, it’s also interesting that this punchlist isn’t on any more.