Still getting word of April Fool’s jokes played on/by the MMO community (well, either that or our email is slow and unreliable, and we’d never believe that!).

In Everquest, Baelish at Caster’s Realm sent a chill through the hearts of Clerics and Druids everywhere when he posted, with a completely straight face, that Verant in the name of “community building” was removing /anonymous and /roleplay (or “/anonymous-guild”). Absor said “HA HA VARY FUNNY SMARTEY MAN“.

But that all pales before the shocking announcement: DAWN IS GOING OPEN SOURCE! That’s right, now you can use magic net code in your own game! Here’s the scoop from the perennially in development open source MMO project WorldForge:

WorldForge has merged with Glitchless Software, makers of the popular free MMORPG Dawn. Glitchless’s leader, known as AF-Jeff, said: “This is a great day for Richard Stallman’s Open Source movement. Putting our skills in Public Relations and Software development together with Worldforge’s fledgling dev team, we can complete STAGE in just three months.”

The combined project will be lead by Worldforge’s founder and leader, Avinash Gupta, who has just returned from almost two years in the hospital after his run-in with a bus. AF-Jeff will be leading the new “Media Liberation Division”, which was founded by Diablo-D3.

The new corporation will be known as GlitchForge, Forging Glitchy Software for All.