I know, I said no more smurf stories. Well, this one is only parenthetically about smurfs. As you read this, bear in mind that I haven’t been able to confirm this (obviously) but it’s certainly interesting enough. Not many people say “you know, I should have been banned, but I wasn’t…”

Im part of the “l33t pks” community on LS. On that shard all the movers and shakers are in total disgust of the counselor program and we dont care about it much, but some of us have gotten somewhat counselor respect from GMs because of some reason.

About a year ago, there was a rash of One-Hit weapons appearing on LS. They were mainly hvy xbows and they would do over 100 dmg per hit. My guild at the time was the largest PvP guild on LS and we were fighting numerous guildwars at the time because this was before order/chaos wars started. So one guild we were warring pulled out these hvy xbows and we were the first to experiance them. Well i had a long talk with i think it was darwin or ironone about it and they looked into it, and had the bows taken up and destroyed. This was the main reason for the huge wep patch where when you picked up the wep it would reset the dmg info to the current standard. On LS they couldnt get all the weapons by just looking for them so they decided hey why not patch the whole damn system. Well about three weeks later i was cruising with a freind who was basically quitting and he was using one of the bows as his going out party. A counselor started to follow us so i paged him and asked him what was wrong. A freind did the same thing. The counselor then jailed both of us and left us there. He claimed we were in big trouble and i was of the opinion that he had over reached with his perceived power. But during the conversation he brought up that i had a huge record for exsploiting. Now this might br true but i dotn know, i looted a lot of houses during the res bug house loot thing, but i had thought i had never been caught. The next morning i page a gm to get me out of jail and he apologized and the counselor was kicked out of the program. The counselors name was Soloman II, and no one has heard of him since.

But what he said got me to think a bit. I had tons of freinds get banned back when teh house loot bug was going on but i and my freinds never got caught. All during this time i used to talk to GM Carnox and Ironwill over the qeue and we always had an amicable relationship i guess. Since that time i have admitted openly to using UOE and have used last target in front of GMS yet nothing has ever happened. And i still talk to some gms over the qeue.

Now you might be wondering what this all means to me and why i typed this long letter up. Well this game does not require you to be part of the system to be one of the elite. Ive done to much illegal stuff on UO to still be playing, and i know the GMs know it. I talked to Darwin after he got banned, told him i would have done teh same thing and invited him to come to my shard if he ever came back. I told him id help his ass out, but what i got out of that was strange. He was the GM who had bailed me outa jail way back so i sorta owed him a debt, but he claimed that my account had a note on it about not being touched unless i did something really bad, such as duping. Some how i had gotten on the GMS favor, and im still not sure how i did it. So in retrospec it has helped me tremendously, I have always gotten quick support from GMS and they have always been courteous with me. So i havent had to become a smurf on my shard to get any sort of protection, i just got lucky i guess. This is totally on the record and you can print any of it you like and use my name also, but i bet my story is the same as thousands of others.

KillaX, former GM of HoS, LS