SPARKY SPEAKS! [Author: wirehead]

Jason “I Need A Snappy Nickname – Maybe Sparky?” Bell updated Comments from the Dev Team, which he technically is not a part of, not being a developer or anything, but probably no one had the authority to say, “um, Sparky, this is my page.”

Here’s my recap, in case you don’t want to actually read it, or are not an attractive smurf and can allure someone into reading it to you.

* UO got some award from some large accounting firm. Sparky got to give a speech. He mentioned that UO GP are worth more than Italian Lira.

* Asheron’s Call won’t hurt UO’s sales. Nope. Uh uh. *whistles*

* We expect lots of new players, and they won’t want to put up with all the sad ass shit you had to. So we need to make things better.

* There will be a non-PvP area of the world. Monster AI will be beefed up so those in the non-PvP area do not fall asleep. PvP is one of the “attractions” (quotes not mine) of UO.

* Sparky signs his letter “Orthanc”. Isn’t that from Tolkien? That’s a bogus nickname. He’s stuck with Sparky. Sorry.