Akriss stopped by Whineplay and said that the threads were being closed and deleted because they were getting ‘pretty rowdy’. The community just wants answers. I don’t think that qualifies as rowdy. After that brief statement, this was mentioned:

“also there will be no public comment regarding this issue from us …………..”

Why would Verant be so adamant about not issuing any comments on this? Complete silence in this case does not do them any good. It says that either they have no idea what is going on, or they know and they don’t want the player base to know anything. The players are already making assumptions that Verant employees are twinking their friends on live servers. This kind of practice isn’t completely uncommon, but it is normally restricted to the test server. With Verants unwillingness to make a comment you have to believe that it is a pretty plausible notion. If this is indeed the case then the right thing to do would be to just come out and say it. Let the players at least know so that they can move on. If they are already assuming it to be true then admitting it isn’t going to hurt anything.

More on this as I am able to get it.