Spurned Lovers Are The Angriest

Today’s angry candy: It’s always sad when the bloom is off the rose.

Funcom, now lovingly deemed “Failcom” by a good portion of the planet

Now, you’re probably thinking to yourself “Why the hell would Funcom devs read this…?” The answer to that is I’m going to personally e-mail it to every one of them.

Complete with personal attacks on every Funcom employee who ever gave a public interview! Points for the self-labelled “intentional Godwin”…

I bet its safe to say the majority of the Age of Conan team was just doing what they were told. Kind of like the Nazis were doing what they were told when they started cooking people.

…but come on. At least work the words Vidkun Quisling in there somewhere. Doesn’t anyone read history any more?

Extra bonus points for surrounding the article with ads from Age of Conan gold farmers.