Background info:

This part I found interesting:

I never expected to be paid, although I was given the false impression several times that if I ‘stuck with it’, we would become ‘paid’ employees. After recent rumors about off-site GMs, and being a paid employee, I renewed my delusions and continued to put forth all my effort and time into working, for free. I was experiencing my own life problems and trying to deal with them. When another Senior Counselor sent all the Seniors an email complaining about similar problems, I replied, and gave him advice and vented about how I felt about UO’s support system. He forwarded the email to Origin. They secretly removed me, and stole the IRC channel I had founded on BeyondIRC.

You know, with the GMs bragging about banning entire guilds, spending a large portion of their time bouncing macroing players offline, and now this, all in one week, I’m beginning to wonder if we just need to send Sorsha the Amazing UO Cyberwhore to Austin. These guys seem to be getting REALLY tense.