START THE CLOCKS [Author: Niobe]

Funcom announces Anarchy Online is ‘stable enough’ to start charging registered customers in 30 days:

As we all know, the launch of Anarchy Online didn\’e2\’80\’99t go as smoothly as we would have hoped. In spite of that, the last week has marked considerable improvement (see today\’e2\’80\’99s update by Martin Amor), and although we acknowledge there are still some issues to resolve, we now consider the game playable. As a result of that, the month included with the purchase of the game will officially start as of today. In addition to the free game- time already provided because of our initial problems, all accounts registered as of today will receive an in-game surprise at a later stage as a token of our appreciation for your patience.

Reports as of last night are still resounding of intense lag and disconnects though I have not been in to see it personally yet. Anyone want to take a stab what kind of surprises AO players might get?