STATE OF THE NATION [Author: wirehead]

Yes, that was the shortest “one month vacation” in history. To re-use the site’s BrandSpankingNew motto, &Blow me. A 4 day weekend is about all I ever get off from my day job, either. Anyway, at LumCentrale, we’re recharged, out of the deep funk, ready to crack heads and take names, and, most important, we now refer to ourself as “we”. Wheeee!

OK. Just in case everyone isn’t ABSOLUTELY PERFECTLY CLEAR on the concept, we are still pissy. We still hate everyone. We still think the largest problem in online RPGs isn’t that people PK, or killsteal, or refer to your mother in obscene sexual ways, but that OTHER PEOPLE ARE ALLOWED TO PLAY.

The best ORPG I ever played was Baldur’s Gate. Fear the Hamster of Death! The best game I’m currently playing is Septerra Core. Neither one of them have ANYONE named Pimpzlappah.

People are the problem. I’ve often thought that a solution would be to require that everyone pay for UO/EQ/whatever with a credit card, but alas, with the advent of secured credit cards, any low-grade feverish weasel can get a gold card with only a bare minimum of lying on forms.

And the biggest fuckup this site EVER made was in letting PEOPLE… OTHER PEOPLE… decide what content appeared on it.

I know this is a Priority One Red Alert News Flash for some of you out there (some of whom are STILL emailing me) but NO ONE CARES WHO THE PERSON FORMERLY KNOWN AS SRC SONYA IS, WAS, OR EVEN POSSIBLY WILL IN THE FUTURE SLEEP WITH. REALLY. Sometimes you just know too much. And, again, this may be the final shock that sends you along with Fred Sanford to the Big Happy Rest Home In The Sky, but it has nothing to do with YOU. Unless you personally are, were, or may in the future sleep with Ms. Sonya. In that case, you go. Preferably somewhere else. I don’t want to know.