The most popular search terms on for the merry month of March….

1) broken toys (let’s hear it for domain names!)
2) lum the mad (where’d he go)
3) martha stewart biography (ok, jayson, go do real research)
4) martha stewart’s maiden name (it’s kostyra)
5) every time i see you falling (there’s a LOT of requests for this. apparently a lot of New Order fans.)
6) scott jennings (many more people look for my nick then for me. wah.)
7) feet of clay (dave rickey actually writes more here then here7 now)
8) shadowbane (yes, what DOES this have to do with shadowbane?)
9) daoc gold dupe (it’s over here)
and finally,
10) a witty saying proves nothing

Proof, as always, that you can’t make this stuff up.