Well, the other shoe has dropped. Items in houses that are not locked down will decay (a polite term for “going away”).

According to Origin’s update, items in locked down containers will not decay. However, the code that’s currently in place on Test Center is actually decaying items in containers, locked down or not.

Is there some reasonable, non-insane explanation why this is being implemented instead of some sort of housing maintenance? With the shortage of housing, almost every normal, non-l33t player is forced to rely on shared housing, whether with their guild or just with other friends. This update will punish them for playing by the rules.

Meanwhile, the crackheads who speculate in UO real estate and log on merely to click on their house sign continue to do their thing, laughing at those foolish enough to actually play the game in the manner which it was intended.

This stinks. Basically, unless you own a house of your own, your storage will be limited to what can fit in your bank. Good luck if you’re red. (Of course, reds are used to bending over and taking it from Origin anyway.)

So much for a persistent world.