He proceded to ask ‘lady’ what is duping, and she replied that “for your comment I will need to take your equipment”. This isn’t right for asking a question on what is going on. She then started going off on how he was in cohoots with the other guy and also 26 others for ‘duping’, my kid is 8 and has no knowledge of ‘duping’. At this point is when he came to get me and I watched as this person basically harassed my kid and the other player for something he know nothing about. My kid is smart enough to know to take screenshots of anything that may seem offensive, so this whole time he took them and continued when I showed up. We have 10 pictures with different comments that was said against my kid, comments that he was in on the ‘duping’ and nothing asking him what was he doing or anything like that. This is when he was told he was being banned and got booted off. We could not get him back on, kept getting a your account is suspended message.

That night I looked up the website and wrote an email to the suspended accounts department and waited until this morning and never got a response. Called them up and spoke to a Jeremy(I believe) and he said that it was suspended and usually take 7 day, basically reading whats off the web site, but he said that he didnt know why it was suspended and that no information was enter which he found odd. I then told him how I had screenshots on how my son was treated, and he was surprised that I had them. He then gave me email addresses to different GM including the Head GM, also a email address for a complaint against ‘lady daegarmo’. Emailed them a detailed description on what happened, then finally got a response back saying that your account is pending banning and WILL be banned for taking part in ‘dupping’ activity. I then replied with 2 specific questions: Proof of the duping and why was my son being harrassed when your Conduct rules states “No one is to harrass another player…” She replies back saying there’s conclusive evidence that there was ‘duping’ involved and that she’s sorry that we found the ‘Lady’ “abusive”, “we had no way of knowing he was 8”. What kind of garbage is this? So I wrote back asking what is the “conclusive evidence” and what she thought about the screenshots that I sent her showing the “abusive” behavior or the ‘lady’? Three hours later no response and I can not get through on the phone line again.

Well, as always, we at are here to help, or at least poke holes in the story (Why is ‘Lady Daegarmo’s’ name in quotes throughout the entire email? And why in the hell is someone eight years old not only playing EQ, but even more distressingly, probably reading this very web site?)

However, never let it be said that we pass up the opportunity to post elf pr0n. Here for your enjoyment is Lady Daegarmo, officer on duty, Norrath PD.