Google has some good ideas on how to alter the way HTML works to defeat Google spammers at their own game. Expect that tech to be deployed here momentarily, although some aggressive filtering makes that less of an issue now.

Sadly, the same is true of my email, which is running at a soul-crushing 95% spam rate. It doesn’t help that I have several emails dating from 1995 and several other somewhat high-profile email addreses, all of which have been active on the web and Usenet, all still active and accepting email. I am Vector Prime of spam. If it were not for running the best goddam antispam tech on the planet, my email would be completely useless. As it is, I occasionally morbidly watch my inbox waste our company’s bandwidth, while cursing the one person who actually bought something through spam thus ruining the entire internet for the rest of us. And I saw this subject line come through the wire:

ha ha you fat ass stochastic leapfrog

Now, being overweight for pretty much my entire existence, the fat-ass thing kind of bounces off my fat ass (it helps that it’s springy!) but stochastic leapfrog. That floored me. What. The. Hell. It almost means something. It’s like a foreign language I BARELY understand. I’m… well… stochastic! I’m not really sure what they would want to sell me by calling me an overweight random gymnastics maneuver. But I’m sure someone bought it. AND THEY WON’T STOP SELLING IT EVER UNTIL WE ARE ALL DEAD. DUH DUH DUH… DUH DUNH. DUH DUH DUH … DUH DUNH.

A friend has taken to sharing my spam obsession. He recently got one from a Mr. Metal D. Cellini. Dude, he’s metal!

But enough spam about spam, enjoy some Maoist revolutionary opera. Hopefully some actual relevant posts about gaming and stuff may take place soon? Nah.