Tal’Mah’Ra, our intrepid and oft-banned guildmaster, sends in this:

There’s currently an exploit on Siege Perilous where by you can kill another player (or dozens of other players) and not get murder counts. A particularly effective group of assholes exploited this bug on myself and a good other 20+ miners all weekend. If one of them had not been an idiot and actually started attacking people hand to hand they still would all be blue. (3 PK’s 1 is red and oh gee.. over 40 dead).

Of course the standard OSI policy of dealing with bugs was quickly put into action:

1st response: page a GM: no response… contact our seekrit IRC peoples and whoa! the GM left half an hour early and so the shard has no GM!

2nd response: SRC (name withheld) shows up. hmm is that a bug? hmmm… (goes into SRC IRC) “PQ: paladins are bing used to PK and the victims cannot report thei hirelings owners is this a bug?” “Answer (Zug-notsohere): nope” Counselor reply: Sorry, the players not being able to be reported for murdering you is not a bug even though you cannot report. The players using this are just being mean…

NEXT DAY AND 25 DEAD MINERS LATER (the PK’s are still blue):

3rd response GM BOBO: I have to witness this take place

4th response GM BOBO: I have talked to the players in question

(10 minutes later): 5th response GM BOBO: I am talking to the players again now.

6th response GM BOBO: You attacked them (I was blue, unarmed and not even in combat mode. never targeted another player. 1 of the 5 of us that had died for the 10th time went grey looting 670 ingots off of one of our own fallen. I PRESUME this is how he was able to draw this conclusion from the mass slaughter)

7th response GM BOBO: This call has been forwarded to a counselor

8th response GM BOBO: A counselor will explain how this is not a bug.

Now, keep in mind these responses were a progression of calls between several players over a periode of about 2 hours of dying non-stop. They were not just placed to spam the queue… people died and we paged again.

Some friendly person with OSI contacts hops in OSI IRC and talks some sense to people who.. you know.. actually listen.

It’s OFFICIAL! It’s a BUG! Hey… now we are getting somewhere.

9th response: SRC shows up at another group of players who are pissed off and paging. Tells them “This isnt a bug…”

10th response: GM shows up… “It’s a bug.. we are aware of it and the players in question are being talked to now… (the main guy who was doing this is standing around still smack talking as his two lacky friends get teleported off to moo moo land).

11th response: “The problem is resolved and players caught doing this will have murder counts added retroactively.”

2 hours later – All 3 exploiting PK’rs in question return with another batch of paladins and slaughter another dozen miners – who cant report.

The next day: All 3 exploiting PK’rs in question, return again and slaughter another dozen players.

1 hour after that: all 3 exploiting PK’rs in question, return again and slaughter another dozen players.

1 hour after that: all 3 exploiting PK’rs in question, return again and slaughter another dozen players.

Nobody mines there anymore… nobody bothers to page GMs

The exploit? Well, I know it has been your policy not to post bugs… but this one is pretty rudimentary… so never the less here is how it works… my hireling (paladin) slays you and your newbieness, in 2 hits you die… I go grey and loot you… you never get an option to report me…

Easily 50+ people were killed on the weekend by a couple players who are still 2 blue and 1 red…

Welcome to a different shard… where things are handled ‘differently’ where there is so much GM coverage that EVERY macro’r will get their ass busted. Welcome to an even start with no major bugs and anything caught will be dealt with accordingly… swiftly…

Ya right…