TAP -TAP - IS THIS THING ON? [Author: Lum the Mad]

Our apologies for the near constant server outages the past few days. We are working feverishly on implementing a mailing list so you can (a) have updates emailed to you as they are posted and (b) not have to click “refresh” 90,000 times like an EQ player trying to level to see what’s been posted.

Also a correction; as you no doubt have seen elsewhere, Jack “Kal El” Wood and Mike “Scorch” Zupan, who work in UO’s volunteer program, did not in fact lose their posts as part of Wednesday’s layoffs as had been rumored. There have been conflicting reports on the future of UO’s volunteer program, with persistent rumors that it is due for a Turbine-style defenestration (that means being thrown out the window, Hedron) and with equally persistent (and unusually vocal) denials of those rumors from OSI. We’ll keep you posted, assuming someone doesn’t breathe on the web server and it breaks again. And another correction: Harry Potter Online was not in fact cancelled, but in fact yanked out of OSI’s hands and given to EA Redwood Studios. Thanks to AVault for that tip.