Targeted Marketing Gone Horribly Wrong

elvendegrees.jpgAs seen on Kotaku: Look Ma, that endless reputation grinding counted for something after all!

Although this is clearly just a come-on on the level of technical colleges that almost have real accreditation from something very close to a state agency, the Kotaku article’s comments include a link to Terra Novan Aaron Delwiche’s Trinity University coursework in eavesdropping on Night Elf cybering.

True fact: Before the whole web and MMO thing I used to edit video. Specifically for an advertising agency. Specifically for ads for those aforementioned technical colleges. My shining moment was when, for a half hour infomercial that was scheduled to show on some Fox affiliate in Iowa or something at 4AM, the head of the agency finally just couldn’t full up the time any more and threw the script at me and told me to write some. So I did!

Do you feel as though you are just a cog… a cog in a vast machine being ground down by the forces of life? Generic Technical College offers you hope. The hope of finally making something of yourself. And in so doing, you can help others, discover true meaning to your life, and be part of a wider world.

It’s some of the best writing I’ve ever done. And the actor said the lines with no visible irony whatsoever.