Quite a bit of a furor raised by Jinx’s snooping out of Origin’s purchasing of You would think they might have some motivation behind it (like, say, making a website for a game of the same name) but David Swofford told that no, they are REALLY GODDAM HAPPY to have the name of Worlds of Ultima Origin Worlds of Ultimate Online Dancing Happy Meer Bounce Bounce Britannia! Those kids and their websites today. However, we’ve scooped everyone with the following announcement from Windfeather over on message board:

I’m sorry, but as much as we would like to, we cannot promise our game will have a name at ship. We only want to make promises we know we can fulfill to avoid disappointing our fans. We do realize the importance of having a name, however, and have done some preliminary design work in that area. We therefore can promise you that if our game were to have a name at ship, it would be fully integrated with the other parts of our design. This is because we have a crack team of developers who have in the past named other MMORPGs, and who would avoid any common naming mistakes made by other companies.

Reading this, I decided to get to the bottom of this mystery immediately, and after going through the dictionary applying Bree-Caitlin Phenome Analysis to every possible word in the English, French and German languages as they would apply to MMORPG gaming, I drew a complete blank. So I went to plan B. I flew down to Austin and met with my contact, known only as Deep GM. He told me the true, deep dark secret of TheGameFormerlyKnownAsUO2 – its name would actually be a symbol. We’re looking for that symbol as we speak folks, and rest assured, when we find out the symbol that denotes the game that until really quite recently was known as something involving Origin, worlds, and online, we will let you know here first. Unless Jinx beats us to the punch.