That’s Certainly One Way To Look At It

Tobold has a canceled World of Warcraft account (being one of them Eurotypes he migrated to closer shores when the European servers opened), so he received (and helpfully reposted) Blizzard’s mash note to ex-subscribers.

Blizzard Entertainment proudly invites you to return to the World of Warcraft on January 16th and journey beyond the Dark Portal, where an infinity of new experiences await you. Given the high volume of returning subscribers we expect when The Burning Crusade™ expansion goes live, if you are planning a return to Azeroth, we recommend reactivating your account as soon as possible in order to avoid the expected rush of launch-day activations.

While it’s difficult to fault Blizzard for expecting activation server woes (with millions of people probably hitting them up that day, it’s doubtful that a cost-effective short term solution to remedy that even exists), one can only marvel at the chutzpah of using this as a marketing tactic. “You know we have queues, in fact it may be why you left! Sign up now and avoid the lines!”