THE CHANGING OF THE WAYS [Author: Lietgardis]

Some highlights, all of a “THERE IS A GOD!” magnitude:

  • Players are now given the coordinates of their characters’ corpses when they die outside.

  • Stat buffs now last as long as skill buffs of the same level.

  • All debuff spells have had their durations halved.

  • Pyreals are now weightless!

  • Stack sizes have been increased to at least 100. For arrows and quarrels, stack sizes are now 250.

  • Metal armors now weigh 1/3rd less, have 1/3rd less value, and have had their elemental protections increased.

  • Various fletching improvements, like pea functionality and supply availability.

In the “really cool stuff that’s still not quite conversion-causing” category, we have “quest[s] to change … characters’ template names” (and a list of them here).

One poster commented “it’s almost like a laundry list of convenience tweaks that players have been asking for for ages.”

Reportedly, Gear wasn’t fixed, and no one’s saying yet if the no-drop droppage exploit widely publicized over the past two days has been fixed yet either. Aside from the rightfully angry honest Darktide players, everyone seems to be distracted with praising the Lord — understandably.

Update, 1:00 PM PST: Build notes are up at the Zone. Rejoice!