Your friend in space, Dr. TwisTer, is PISSED. Apparently the kids that ride the short bus to school finally figured out how to post on his message base and decided that his going without posting for a day was some sort of wicked conspiracy. From his message base:

As you all can see, Dr. Twister didn’t update today. Why ? I think it’s because he is so pissed, cuz all of us flamed him when he post a silly update (that one about MDK). But because he is Doc, so it will be so embarrass to make public apologize. Well, I think we all should forgive him for that mistake and keep going on new topic, cuz he really put lots of effort on this web site (although some of the post are silly). Doc, I hope we can see you keep updating as usual soon.

Lord help the Republic if I go three hours without an update, I guess… (although some of the post are silly).

For what it’s worth, my opinion on the TwisTed one is decidedly mixed. On the one hand, he has the balls to post what he finds out in public, instead of trying to keep the bugs that come his way limited to the KeWli0 3l33t. So many folks are able to defend themselves from the latest KeWl Vendor Delete. On the other hand, he often holds off on posting nasty exploits like house breakins until he knows the GMs are off duty for maximum exposure. Another choice quote:

Well normally I don’t post information I get from the Test Center, for obvious reasons, it gives us a better chance of getting the same bug on the private shards with the next patch.

I tried to think about all the various repercussions and complex moral relationships at work here, but my head started to hurt until I remembered that I, in fact, hate everyone. Things got much easier afterwards.