THE CRESCENT HAWK RETURNS [Author: Arcadian Del Sol]

To: BattleTech Fans

From: Headquarters

Subject: is Recruiting Beta Testers for Multiplayer BattleTech: 3025

Message: is proud to announce that Multiplayer BattleTech: 3025 (MPBT: 3025) has begun its Beta testing phase. Based on the official BattleTech\’c2\’ae universe, MPBT: 3025 is a massive multiplayer 3D game that combines first-person combat with a persistent online universe. Strap into a 25-ton BattleMech\’c2\’ae and engage in head-to-head combat for control of the Inner Sphere. is looking for a few good warriors to help participate in the Beta testing phase of MPBT: 3025.

Logistics: Think you’ve got what it takes to be a MPBT: 3025 beta tester? Here’s what you need to do to participate:

Step #1 You can join for free at to participate in the Beta testing phase of MPBT: 3025. There is no cost to play MPBT: 3025 during the Beta test. If you haven’t already done so, please click here to join.

Step #2 Once you have an member name and password, visit the MPBT: 3025 game page and login. By choosing to participate in the Beta test, you agree to keep all information about MPBT: 3025 confidential. Read the Beta Test Agreement.

Step #3 Your mission is to explore all elements of the game. During the testing period, please use the Game Support link (located in the left column of the game launch page) to send any feedback. Due to development needs, we may install new versions of the game and/or reset the game universe periodically during the test.

Step #4 A week or two before the end of the Beta testing period, we will send you a survey form. Fill it out to express your thoughts about game play, desired features, and anything else we should know in order to create the best BattleTech online game experience.

Step #5 Once Beta test cycle ends,MPBT: 3025 will open its doors to the entire galaxy. Sign-up for the EA PLATINUM Service to lead your House to conquest and glory and learn more about the cool games and features of the EA PLATINUM Service.

Thanks go out to Dark Dryad for the info.

I’ll see you there.