THE EFRONT FILES [Author: Lum the Mad]

bryant 14/01/20 5:45 am Sorry back – seems one of the PA guys is

continuiing to shit on us in public – and is

being specific about myself and Jon in the

process. Trying to diffuse that through the

other PA guy, but with no luck.

sam 14/01/20 5:46 am what do you recommend?

bryant 14/01/20 5:49 am I think we need a cease and desist letter from

the lawyers.

sam 14/01/20 5:49 am and shut their site down?

bryant 14/01/20 5:50 am I think that needs to go out as soon as

possible. If he continues, I think we need to

take some action.

sam 14/01/20 5:50 am do you recommend shutting them down

sam 14/01/20 5:50 am to get their attention?

bryant 14/01/20 5:51 am No, I think we fire a warning shot with the

letter. If that doesn’t work I think we come

down hard and furious in every way we can.

bryant 14/01/20 5:51 am If Mike manages to impair our ability to

operate we have legal recourse, but what good

does that do us if we go under because we miss

out on some big deal?

bryant 14/01/20 5:52 am Shutting them down now would just fuel the


bryant 14/01/20 5:52 am The letter gives him enough rope to either

hang himself, or climb off his soapbox.

sam 14/01/20 5:52 am do you have a sample cease & desist letter

sam 14/01/20 5:52 am i’d like to get it fired off today

sam 14/01/20 5:52 am im looking on my hard drive to see if i have


sam 14/01/20 5:52 am we put specific evidence, etc. and quote laws

sam 14/01/20 5:53 am and fire a warning shot..

sam 14/01/20 5:53 am and using his letter he sent us also as

evicence of breach

sam 14/01/20 5:53 am and violating our confidentialty policies

sam 14/01/20 5:53 am as well as defamation

bryant 14/01/20 5:54 am Yeah, we have to do something. It needs to be

Mike ‘Gabe’ Krahulik to, and not Jerry ‘Tycho’

Parkinson. Jerry isn’t being vocal.

sam 14/01/20 5:56 am im seeing if i can find a sample copy of a

generic c&d .. then we put specfics in there..

and fax it to him on efront letterhead

and on the bottom we can do

cc: Melody Dapp Williams,

[full title, esquire, etc.]

that way it makes it seem intimidating that

the lawyer is ccd on it

sam 14/01/20 5:56 am and we can send it to our lawyer as well

sam 14/01/20 5:56 am but it brings more credibiilty

bryant 14/01/20 5:56 am Yeah.

sam 14/01/20 5:56 am and we order eerything to be ceased in 24

hours and retract everything they said

sam 14/01/20 5:56 am and delete their postings

sam 14/01/20 5:56 am or we will take action

sam 14/01/20 5:58 am do you guys wnat to prepare it and ill review

it then you can fax to him?

bryant 14/01/20 5:59 am Yeah, have a template?

sam 14/01/20 5:59 am still searching 🙂

bryant 14/01/20 6:03 am Is Greg writing a letter as well? Or is that

the one Jerry is having me do the first draft


sam 14/01/20 6:04 am oh thats probably you.. not sure who was doing


bryant 14/01/20 6:04 am ok cool – just wanted to make sure we weren’t


bryant 14/01/20 6:05 am These people kill me. They’re so short

sighted and immature. I’ve been trying to

talk sense to Tycho but I’m not sure I’m

gettomg anywhere.

bryant 14/01/20 6:10 am So naive.

bryant 14/01/20 6:11 am I might have talked some sense to Tycho. I’m

going to watch the messageboards closely this

weekend to see if Gabe persists. If he does,

we’ll get the C&D out.

sam 14/01/20 6:11 am

sam 14/01/20 6:12 am one sample 🙂

sam 14/01/20 6:12 am looking for more

bryant 14/01/20 6:12 am In the meantime, I’ve got a lot of issues that

I want to try and work into the letter to try

and diffuse all of this. I don’t think pissed

of webmasters is the end of the world, but

better to have them on their backs wagging

their tails than snapping at us.

sam 14/01/20 6:12 am yes i agree

bryant 14/01/20 6:13 am Yeah, found some samples too. I might also

call in a favor from some people I know at

Paul Hastings under the premise that his

actions are endangering my livelihood by means

of endangering eF. If they’ll do it it will

be from eF, not from me so should work fine.

I hope they will, they’re some of the best.

bryant 14/01/20 6:15 am Some part of me is still carrying a Corps

mentality. I keep thinking a rifle butt to

some kneecaps would solve all our problems.

Instant collections and quiet webmasters. =)

sam 14/01/20 6:15 am i like that attitude 🙂

sam 14/01/20 6:16 am anyway we can work on SA? imnot sure if

jonathan fwd u my thoughts on that

bryant 14/01/20 6:16 am Not sure either, checking.

sam 14/01/20 6:16 am let me do it

bryant 14/01/20 6:16 am ok.

bryant 14/01/20 6:17 am My current plan with Lowtax is to get him on

the phone next time he’s available and find

out what he needs to get by. Not this $13k

crap – the guy can live on 1/5th of that in


bryant 14/01/20 6:17 am Perhaps if we can assure him that much at the

very least just until things get better then

he’ll be happy.

sam 14/01/20 6:18 am yeah i know.. actually if u want, put him on

our payroll on normal salary

sam 14/01/20 6:18 am or something

sam 14/01/20 6:18 am and if things dont work out, he gets his site

back.. so he’s assured

sam 14/01/20 6:18 am and would reduce the 13k

sam 14/01/20 6:18 am and also

sam 14/01/20 6:18 am we can get him to do real revenue stuff that

ill fwd to you

bryant 14/01/20 6:18 am Yeah – something. Let me work on him, we have

a decent rapport.

bryant 14/01/20 6:19 am His #1 issue is server stability right now –

how soon are we at S4R?

sam 14/01/20 6:19 am and tell him to get his forum msg down in the

meanwhile.. and if we cant work anything out,

then he can rant and rave then 🙂

sam 14/01/20 6:19 am s4r..i ask matt and nate everday.. they said

they’re almost completed

sam 14/01/20 6:19 am w/ data transfer

sam 14/01/20 6:19 am let me ask matt again

sam 14/01/20 6:20 am if we get SA on our side, then PA ranting will

seem like its their fault

sam 14/01/20 6:20 am if he posts good stuff about efront 🙂

sam 14/01/20 6:20 am and they’re a community type of site.. so

bellwether sort of

bryant 14/01/20 6:20 am Yeah, that’s my biggest issue right now.

Everyone seems to think it’s okay to rant

about this issues in open public forums. It’s

not. I mean shit, they can certainly have

grievances and that’s a normal aspect of life,

but these people (kids) need to understand

that when they started taking money, it

stopped being a hobby and became a business.

sam 14/01/20 6:21 am yeah i know

bryant 14/01/20 6:21 am That’s my hurdle right now with the email –

make points like that while narrowing the gap

between us.

bryant 14/01/20 6:22 am Heh, the good news is that at least at the

moment, we have a lot of people coming to us

interested in being acquired. Since 1/1 I’ve

received more direct emails with people asking

to come aboard than in 3 months before.

sam 14/01/20 6:22 am i know..

sam 14/01/20 6:22 am if half of our webmasters leave, we can get

better contradcts with

sam 14/01/20 6:22 am 1 year terms.. and $ based on uniques

bryant 14/01/20 6:23 am lol, no kidding.

sam 14/01/20 6:23 am so i dont mind if ppl leave.. but we need to

do it gracefully

sam 14/01/20 6:23 am like i gracefully parted ways

sam 14/01/20 6:23 am (very bad clickthrus)

sam 14/01/20 6:23 am and trying to do the same w/ teenstation (too

many banners per user)

bryant 14/01/20 6:24 am Agree totally. Hey look, we can really

survive if we lose some of the ‘garbage’ sites

that will never be able to run anything but

RON stuff. If we’re already overpaying them –

then no harm no foul if they go.


roy7 1/13/200 1:08 PM I don’t like the

idea of cutting someone who

has tried

their best for us but we’ve let them


Someone like PA who hate us and wanted

out all

along, yeah, they are gone. But Lowtax

had been

pretty pro-eFront and trying to

support us.

sam 1/13/200 1:08 PM how has lowtax

been pro-efront

sam 1/13/200 1:08 PM i was just

thinking in his best interest

roy7 1/13/200 1:09 PM Well he’s just

been cooperative in our reveune

stuff so far

as I know, and more patient than

most of us

would have been with the forum



roy7 1/13/200 1:25 PM Hurmph.

I wonder

what the best way to monetize


like SA is. It’s popular (6m+ page


kinda famous (Ars are fans), and has a

very loyal

following. Not sure if it’s


you can sell branded advertising

for, like a

“real” humor site.

sam 1/13/200 1:25 PM ya .. u cant sell

advertising on it.. its all


bitching whining

sam 1/13/200 1:26 PM advertisers wont

like it

sam 1/13/200 1:26 PM however, u can do

srunner type of stuff

sam 1/13/200 1:26 PM like amd

sam 1/13/200 1:26 PM like mad

sam 1/13/200 1:26 PM and xdrive

sam 1/13/200 1:26 PM and everything

sam 1/13/200 1:26 PM because its a


sam 1/13/200 1:26 PM but we cant make

money if he doesnt promote

our stuff

sam 1/13/200 1:26 PM on a daily basis

sam 1/13/200 1:27 PM remember taht one

day he had srunner link (he

was whining

about it).. and it got lot of


sam 1/13/200 1:27 PM but i highly

doubt he’ll do all this for us

roy7 1/13/200 1:27 PM The tune will

change once he’s paid again. 🙂


bryant 14/01/20 6:26 am ok, cool – got the Lowtax stuff. I think

there’s something that can definitely be done

there. When it comes down to it he’s really

quite reasonable and mature (at least compared

to many of the others). More importantly,

they almost all respect him to a certain

degree so if he’s not anti- then maybe some of

them are less so.

bryant 14/01/20 6:27 am He can help us without transparently being our

puppet I suspect, and should be willing to do


sam 14/01/20 6:27 am yeah just talk to him.. tell him that we think

he can be a good spokesperson for efront to

the webmaster community and we want to

completely prioritize him and make sure he’s

taken care of


roy7: (5:42 PM)

Whoa that’s odd. They claim we are throwing in

the towel and fired most of our staff last


sam: (5:43 PM) thats because of stupid SA


sam: (5:43 PM) he blatantly violated our NDA

sam: (5:43 PM) so i doubt he’s getting paid

next week

sam: (5:44 PM) before some of our other


sam: (5:44 PM) who are in more need

sam: (5:44 PM) so he needs to retract what he

said or..


sam 16/01/20 11:05 am heh.. tim from aah wants to take over doing PA


sam 16/01/20 11:05 am he said he’ll make fun of lazy,

web-generation, immature whiny kiddies 🙂

sam 16/01/20 11:10 am iBLAMEj00 (ICQ#8906076) Wrote:

I know an artist that would probably love to

do it. =)

[another options.. kick PA guys out and we can

do the comics ourselves]

sam 16/01/20 11:13 am their email basically said they are not going

to cooperate with us.. thereby they are in

breach of the entire contract.. which means we

fire them and have no further obligations to


sam 16/01/20 11:32 am if you can work on restrucutirng some of the

agreements, i think that would help alot..

like SA gets 2cpm.. thats obscene and can’t

last ..lot of them like that

sam 16/01/20 11:41 am iBLAMEj00 (ICQ#8906076) Wrote:

Okay, artist is all lined up

bryant 16/01/20 11:50 am Yeah, I can move into restructuring people.

Re: PA, let me have 24 hours to see what I

can do. Presuming I can get them to talk at

all. I don’t have a copy of their email,

would you fwd when you get a chance?

sam 16/01/20 11:51 am Tims’s saying that the first storyline from

the new artist is about PA 🙂


sam 22/02/20 12:19 am thats ok 🙂 g3 was frantic cuz lowtax barged

into his office saying where’s the money. i

told g3 to send him home and make hime come

back lter:)


sam 03/03/20 2:01 pm i just emailed u the release.

also, someone took the emails on the

newsletter and invited everyone to the

yahoogroups 🙂 oh well.. i think we’re

wrapping up the signing of the biggest sites


and also we’ll use them talking on the yahoo

groups as violation of the nda.

sam 03/03/20 2:03 pm we should find the owner of the yahoo egruops

list and kick them out 🙂

bryant 03/03/20 2:05 pm Hmm, actually the egroups thing might be a

positive. There’s a lot of negativity in

there from time to time, but it’s also been a

good way for them to vent. Better yet they

either don’t know we’re in there or don’t care

– but it’s a good way for us to keep tabs on

general moods, etc.

sam 03/03/20 2:06 pm thats true yeah.. and when things turn around,

we can use that to deploy campaigns, etc.

bryant 03/03/20 2:06 pm Better to have them talking in front of us

than behind us. =)

bryant 03/03/20 2:11 pm Actually this is great – someone starts

yapping and we’ll just direct them to the

eGroup. Almost as if it was part of our own

plan to foster better communication.


bryant 05/03/20 12:05 pm Jarret

bryant 05/03/20 12:05 pm Just looking at his status.

sam 05/03/20 12:06 pm does he say he doesnt?

sam 05/03/20 12:06 pm oh ok

bryant 05/03/20 12:06 pm He under 18?

sam 05/03/20 12:06 pm yes he was

bryant 05/03/20 12:06 pm Know if he still is?

sam 05/03/20 12:06 pm i think he might still be

bryant 05/03/20 12:06 pm That would help us I think.

bryant 05/03/20 12:06 pm Makes his parents liable for his actions.

bryant 05/03/20 12:07 pm Good way to put the fear of death in him. If

we can talk to the lawyer tomorrow that’s even

better. He has people who have been more than

happy to work with me getting behind him.

bryant 05/03/20 12:07 pm I wouldn’t say anything to him for the time


bryant 05/03/20 12:08 pm Going to be interesting to see how people I

talk to respond to me tomorrow.