I guess I’m not on Verant’s Publicity Puff List (sound of my heart shattering into small bits) but thankfully, the priapic pimpmasters over at Voodoo Extreme are. They posted this squib just now:

Nope, the monthly fee is the same, but Verant has announced that its dropping the base price of the game down to a mere $9.95 in order to get more people hooked on the EverSmack. “EverQuest has sold over one million units to date, and we expect this number to continually grow,” said Don Vercelli, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “While the hard-core gaming community has brought EverQuest to the pinnacle of online gaming, the new value price will appeal to casual gamers allowing them to experience the world of Norrath for the first time.”

Everquest? Appeal to casual gamers? With lives? One wonders if Don Vercelli has ever played the game he hypes. I mean, they really should print on the box “WARNING: YOU NEED TO PLAY THIS GAME FOR AT LEAST 200 HOURS BEFORE IT STOPS SUCKING. UNTIL THEN YOU WILL BE FORCED TO GROUP WITH PEOPLE TOO CLUELESS TO EVER LEAVE PERMALOWBIE STATUS, TWINKS WHO HATE YOU, AND LUM.”

And geez, Smed, aren’t we taking the Mafia motif a BIT TOO FAR HERE? “Don Vercelli and my boy Vito. We’re gonna talk some gaming to ya. CASUAL style.”