The Game Within The Game Within The Game

Shacknews gets a typically weird interview with The Mitanni, the Markus Wolf of Eve’s Goonswarm. It also serves as a good overview of Eve’s chaotic metagame to the outside observer.

Though The Mittani may miss out on the fun of participating in a fleet action, quietly shuffling pieces across the starlit board brings its own reward. “If you’re even mildly sadistic, or at least enjoy seeing the lamentations of people you dislike, this job is amazing fun,” he explains while showing me a copy of Lotka Volterra’s private forums, pointing out a few particularly amusing deceptions. He refers to his “job” as a “meta-game,” a game-within-a-game. Like the Men in Black, he is above the system–beyond the system. Anonymity is his name; the GoonSwarm battle cry of “fofofo” his native tongue.