THE GENERIC UO NEWS RECAP [Author: wirehead]

The “UO Platinum” story was in fact legit. Here’s the link (it was on Gamespot UK, not Gamespot). Also has interesting stuff on Ultima 9 and Richard Garriott’s house. See, it turns out the guy who died screwing the killer whale was actually an Ultima nut, and broke into Garriott’s castle to have a look around. Garriott, proving once and for all that he is in fact Texan, took a shot at him, as is provided for under “Texas law”. As always, I’m not making any of this up.

Ultima nuts have a long and storied history of being crazed nutball stalkers; rumor has it that the reason you never see Lord Blackthorne in UO is that someone staked out the house of his real life alter-ego, Starr Long, in order to have a friendly chat with him. For some reason this caused his interest in playing UO to drop somewhat. (No word on if any anti-stalker code is in place for UO2, his latest project.)

Turning away from crazy people stalking Origin staffers to crazy people playing Origin products, there’s been some reaction to the latest news out of Austin. Several people have pointed out the reference in the UO Platinum story to the new lands being “mirrors” of the existing Britannia. I’m pretty sure that Sunsword has said in the past that the new lands will in fact not be “mirrored lands”. Of course, we really won’t know until news on that hits “In Testing”.

And we do have enough to yell about “In Testing“, as it seems that item lockdown changes are going in before the weight restrictions on containers are removed. Whoops.