The Hearings, Of Course, Will Be Held In Camera

The CAMRA Act, introduced by noted cultural commentators/political moderates Joe Lieberman, Sam Brownback, Rick Santorum, and Hillary Clinton, has passed the Senate.

This act directs the CDC to take resources away from unimportant tasks such as AIDS and cancer research and investigate, with all possible speed, the effect of violent media on children with an eye towards future legislation. As Gamasutra reported when the bill was first introduced, Lieberman introduced the bill with a clear eye towards the video gaming industry.

“We are particularly interested in the impact of interactive media on our kids, now that the Internet has become such a staple and video games sales have surpassed movie box office receipts,” Lieberman said. “For one thing, we should know whether games like Grand Theft Auto that celebrate violence against women, beyond being sick and offensive, are actually leading to more violence against women.”

Followup acts regarding the effect of violent political rhetoric on those our representatives treat as children were not discussed at this time.