Another correspondent on the slickazoid smurf on LS writes:

Well I can give you a second opinion on all this Slade thing. Ya see I’m the guy in red next to the pack horse. I was basically practicing stealing on the pack horse named “you”. Loads of fun watching the newbies call guards and threatening to call gms cause I don’t flag, while waiting to see my skill raise. Anyhow this guy Slade wasn’t a counselor cause this moron was yelling guards and was trying to sell his spiffy blue shield. I talk to him a bit basically telling him I wasn’t going to stop stealing his bag (which I was stealing from the horse called you remember :P).But he was right, this counselor Stark was a show. He wasn’t typing full sentences just typing abbreviations and word enter word enter word enter, you get the idea. He even told a guy how to trap chests without getting flagged a criminal. (for those that don’t know you trap the chest on the ground of your house. to quote Stark “The house is the key”.)