The Countdown Continues – Mythic Entertainment’s DARK AGE OF CAMELOT\’c3\’a4 to

Expand Its Beta Testing in 12 days

DARK AGE OF CAMELOT\’c3\’a4 To Enter Development Beta Stage 2 on November 15th,


Fairfax, Va., November 2, 2000 – Mythic Entertainment announced today that

its latest game, DARK AGE OF CAMELOT\’c3\’a4, has successfully completed the first

stage of its Beta Test and is ready to begin Beta Testing Stage 2. DARK AGE

OF CAMELOT is a state of the art, massively multiplayer, online role-playing

game. Conceived and developed by Mythic Entertainment in partnership with

Abandon Entertainment, DARK AGE OF CAMELOT is scheduled to be released in

the summer of 2001.

Set in the Kingdom of Albion in the years immediately following the death of

King Arthur, players of the game enter a world in chaos, where the kingdom’s

peace has been shattered and dark forces threaten the Kingdom. In Camelot,

players choose to be members of one of the three Realms that are striving

for mastery in this chaotic world: The Britons, the Celts, or the Norse. The

Britons are the former kingdom of Albion, once ruled by the great King

Arthur. The Celts are from the wild and magical western island of Hibernia.

The Norse are barbarians from the frozen lands of Midgard.

“This is an exciting time for all of us at Mythic,” said Mythic President

Mark Jacobs. “The first stage of our beta testing went so well that we are

now ready to increase the number of play-testers five-fold.”

“Our library of proven products and technology has once again proven its

worth. This has been the smoothest beta test of any game we have ever

created,” said Rob Denton, Mythic Vice-President and the game’s development


DARK AGE OF CAMELOT utilizes advanced 3D accelerated technology including

the cutting edge NDL NetImmerse engine which is also being used to power

several of Mythic’s other titles including SPELLBINDER: THE NEXUS CONFLICT

and INDEPENDENCE DAY ONLINE. Building upon the success laid of such great

online games as EverQuest, Asheron’s Call, and Ultima Online, the game

features the latest in 3D-accelerated graphics with a movable camera,

multiple class and race combinations, and built in and balanced team Player

vs. Player (PvP) combat.

While this stage of beta testing is limited, Mythic expects to increase the

numbers of players allowed into the game on a semi-monthly basis. Utilizing

the feedback of its beta testers, Mythic will continue to enhance the game

while creating all material necessary to complete the project on schedule.

“Our beta testers told us that the game is farther along than they even

hoped it was.” said Camelot Producer Matt Firor. “So it’s time to expand the

number of players and start testing balance and gameplay issues.”

Information on how to sign up for the beta test will be made available on

the Mythic web site ( as well as on the

Dark Age of Camelot web site ( by November

8th. Utilizing the feedback of its beta testers, Mythic will continue to

enhance the game while creating all material necessary to complete the

project on schedule.

With its partner Abandon Entertainment, Mythic is also in development on

additional products based on the Camelot legends including a weekly

television series.

“The Dark Age of Camelot game is only the first in a series of products that

we intend to do based on the Arthurian legends,” Jacobs concluded, “We hope

to have a major announcement about the television series before the end of

the year.”

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