Here are the facts.

Some folks were duping. Some other folks were carting said duped money to Siege to start new characters. Still other folks sold said duped money on eBay. Origin basically banned everyone primarily, secondarily, tertiarily, and quadrilarily involved. In other words if you breathed the same virtual air as a duper, you were history.

Here is what I think of this great big clusterfuck.

I am so fucking sick of hearing from self-righteous PKs who think that their miner killing is some sort of goddam political statement. You are what we like to call “lame assholes”. There is very little glory in being a “lame asshole”. You’re not even really all that unique. You’re just, as I said, a “lame asshole”. Maybe when Diablo II comes out you can get Townkill 6.0 and fuck with people there. Until then content yourself with traning spectres on newbies in Oasis or something.

If I get another email from someone which basically says “there was no way they could have caught me because I’m too smart and besides everyone else does it” I’m going to go medieval on someone. I know this is a grade A newsflash to some folks, but you do not have a constitutional right to play UO. And when you are busted for being an Xpl0iT kiddie, it is not a human rights violation. Sorry.

To everyone who’s going around saying “Lum sold out”, you can bite my lily white ass TWO times. My sincerest apologies to those who think that any opinion other than yours is somehow wrong. You have a bright future ahead of you in organized religion. Go forth, be fruitful and multiply. I’m sure at some point some smurf will screw up in public and I’ll be numbah one on your personal hit parade again. Till then, buh bye.

To everyone who’s all smug and pleased with themselves that your personal enemies got magically wiped from the planet, just ask yourself if you trust every single person in your guild with your UO future. Because they have the power to destroy it.

And to OSI, individual banning letters would not have been that goddam hard. And an explanation to the community would ESPECIALLY not have been that goddam hard. Right now, basically all anyone who doesn’t read sleazy rant sites knows is that Origin banned 200 accounts for no apparent reason. Gee, there’s a confidence building measure.

Anyone else?