Tomer responds to the stories below. We’re getting into he said/she said territory here, and as I know little of the circumstances surrounding this story this will be the last posting regarding it. Regardless of how you feel about Tomer or his tactics in battle, what everyone can agree on is that he feels harrassed by the in-game staff and as a result OSI will soon be minus one account.

This anonymous letter you posted was written by a player in Paxlair named Nightstorm/Cyndra.  Her ideas that me and Tomer are the same person stem from the fact that after she used the wyrms I gave her to protect her RP shop(on the condition she not use them against my guildmates) against my guildmaster Greystroke, I started attacking them.  I did that to get the wyrms back (which did eventually work) so they could no longer be used against my guildmates.
There are people in this game who have known me for over 2 years.  This is just an attempt to kick me while I am down, in an attempt to discredit me.  They know what they got done to me is BS, totally unethical, but this is their way to try and deflect of the bad PR. 
And red tamer?  Not possible?  I turned red about 10 months ago, perma-red that is.  The main cause of this predictament was the wyrm mass curse bug.  That is where he wyrm mass curses another individual and then attacks them.  Very often the person would be killed by the wyrm, or run off and kill themselves just to spite me.  Well, about 10 months ago I had just turned blue from my latest pingpong (was at 4) when I logged in to find everything of mine gone.  I was also red again and knew this was my 5th time.  With no gold, no homes, etc I was really upset so I gave away all my pets I held in Paxlair stable for free.  I even gave CYndra one (the person who made that anonymouse post).  Anyway, this is where she gets pissed at me.  I also had 4 nightmares in the stables.  She asked me if she could have one, and I told her I have to see which of my friends want one first.  She felt she had a right to one cause she helped me scout for nightmares back when they first spawned. I personally did not think I owed her anything since she only ever found me one mare, and I paid her for that scouting service at the time.  While trying to give away pets, both Pax and non-Pax npks kept attacking me and I did eventually get overwhelmed.  They kept attacking me from the porch of Cyndra’s patio house (Ladies of the Lair tavern) and eventually I died.  I was in stat loss, and too depressed from being hacked and perma red to bother macroing off the 40 hours.  And if I were not to macro in case I did not want to risk getting caught (though back them I would not have, only now am I on this stupid “watch” list of the GMs), I just did not 40 hours in 7 days to play as a GHOST!  So all my pets in the stables degraded and including the mare.  Anyway Cyndra in her warped mind felt she was wronged by not getting a mare (I do not think she was aware they decayed in stables, but I would not have given her one even if they didn’t) and would attack me with her other char Nightstorm all the time.  WHich was not really a problem since he is a weak fighter.  Problem was now the only stable I could use (other than Duir which I not learn about for a while) was within firing range of the patio of his house (from which I am banned).  For months npks would attack me, run in the tavern, and then attack me more from the patio.  Cyndra continued to use my wyrms to attack not just my guildmates but me as well.  And during these attacks every pax citizen would gang uop to killme or loot me.  None deserved any mercy in my eyes, and I showed none.  I went ahead and killed dozens a people a day there.  And it was easy to avoid counts, as they frequently attacked first.  After a while they stopped that and I started using other strategies to get them to attack me, like cast invis on the wyrm so they will jump me, etc.  Also 8 hour counts are not that hard to deal with. 
Anyway, it is BS like this that make me hate them so much and which is why I setup that bounty system.  I made most of my gold not from just selling pets, but real estate selling and some cross shard trading.  Also killing dozens of people a day not exactly unprofitable.
Princess Faith (another old GM Tamer on chessie) and Chrismar Rye can vouch I am the same person.  But this is only an attempt to deflect from the true issue.  These whiners and liars complained and complained and complained about me killing them until they got the GMs attention.  And now they have me under a microscope and will ban me at the least opportunity.  Maybe I will accidently curse, take a leak and be non-responsive, or someone will report me for some BS that I am cheat and *poof* they will perma ban me.  So I rather not lose all I have on the account, give it to my friends, get my affais in order and quit without giving them the satisfaction of making all my stuff degrade when they ban me.  Personally, I will never play another OSI game again.  The games are great, but the management is terrible.
-The Murderer Tomer, Grandmaster Tamer