THE PLOT THICKENS… [Author: Savant]

The Good.

The new dungeons absolutely require teamwork. This is a good thing for AC. Teamwork within each new dungeon, and teamwork between all levels of players to progress the plot. It’s simple, but it works. Overall, executed well.

The new loot to be found in the dungeons fall in the “decent” category, as should be. They’re not overly uber, and they’re not completely worthless (Aerfalle’s Pallium anyone?). Someone’s definitely gotten the clue to make quest items “good” without turning them into “the best.” Overall, excellently done.

The storyline continues in its usual above par pace. The plot thickens, the fight between good and evil continues. Who will emerge victorious? Asheron himself has sent “Chosen of Asheron’s” who carry a missive of his. It speaks of three items needed to defeat that big bad demon\’e2\’84\’a2\’e2\’80\’a6

“These items, together, would allow me to weaken Bael’Zharon from afar. He is far too powerful to be defeated in open battle, but with my ritual working to undermine him, powerful human champions will be able to overcome him. Be warned, however, that Bael’Zharon cannot be truly killed, nor can his influence, his altars, be eradicated. The best to be hoped for is that he will be banished from this plane of existence for a period of grace, and steps can be taken to prepare your civilization to deal with him should he ever again return. I request that any human who wields great power in this world take up arms to stand against the Hopeslayer.”

The Bad:

Triggered events are boring. The patches come once a month for a reason, having an event time or admin “triggered” only delays what could have been introduced on patch day. It was cute the first time, but now players just know it’s coming after about the first day of the patch and go back to business as usual until the magic button is pushed. It’s not exciting to sit around and wait. Why not take the time to have a multitude of triggers? Split the quest into pieces that can be accomplished once per week or so.

The Ugly:

In an attempt to appease the melee players, Turbine geared content and quests towards the melee classes. In the process of being “pro melee” they inevitably went “anti mage.” The mage and archer community at large has let loose a unified groan again this month. Several of the past dungeons contained “magic traps” (Ones that would remove every single spell and/or all the players mana in one shot). Several others contained “hollow creatures” (Creatures that hit through magical protections and only take into account the base protection of the armor). Granted, there has been some “mage luv,” but there’s no reason the dungeons like this month’s that requires teamwork to be filled with hollow and anti-magic creatures.

Falling into that acid pit means death and low chance for recovery. I think they exaggerated a bit much with it. Definitely an ugly.

So, to put it simply: Plot, loot, teamwork GOOD. Triggered events, BAD. Picking on mages, poorly designed dungeons, UGLY.