Just in case you thought it was Nader screwing up everyone’s mojo, or believed Badnarik’s press release that he actually won, here’s the final results (pending absentees and, well, Ohio)

George W. Bush (Republican) 58,978,616 51%

John F. Kerry (Democrat) 55,384,497 48%

Ralph Nader (His Own Bad Self)\tab 394,578

Michael Badnarik (Libertarian)\tab 377,940

Michael A. Peroutka (Constitution)\tab 129,842

David Cobb (Green)\tab 105,525

Leonard Peltier (Peace and Freedom Party) 21,616
(Peltier isn’t the first federal prisoner to run from a cell – Eugene Debs ran as a Socialist many times from jail and did rather well.)

Walter F. Brown (Socialist)\tab 10,258

James Harris (Socialist Workers Party)\tab 6,699
Roger Calero (Socialist Workers Party)\tab 5,274
(Note that Harris wasn’t actually running this year. However he polled more because most states wouldn’t list the SWP’s ACTUAL candidate, Mr. Calero being unable to actually serve if elected, being foreign born. Splittists.)

None of These Candidates 3,646
(Nevada lets you vote for None of the above).

Thomas J. Harens (Christian Freedom Party/MN) 2,395

Bill Van Auken \tab (Socialist Equality Party) 2,078

Gene Amondson (Prohibition) 1,896

John Parker (Liberty Union/VT) 1,159

Charles Jay (Personal Choice)\tab 867
(His running mate was Marilyn Chambers. Yes, that Marilyn Chambers. I’m not sure if she KNEW she was running for VP, mind you.)

Stanford “Andy” E. Andress 720
(No one knows anything about this guy. No, really. Go Andy!)

Earl F. Dodge (Prohibition) 122
(Apparently, there are either 2 Prohibition parties, or they got drunk and nominated 2 guys.)

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