Fresh on the heels of Oni, Rockstar games has announced an upcoming project: State of Emergency.

To cut to the chase, it’s a game about rioting against the “American Trade Organization”, which is to say it’s the videogame version of the WTO protests that have occurred over the last year or so.

I suspect that anyone who feels great sympathy for the anti-WTO movement aren’t eager to have their points of view trivialized. I know I don’t. I also suspect anyone who feels strongly in favor of the latest round of what is laughably called “free trade” probably isn’t eager to have the more extreme acts of the radical minority of the protesters glorified. Who does that leave as actual customers of this game? People who don’t give a shit about politics or who don’t have enough sense to form an opinion about, well … anything.

Given such a vast target audience, I predict Rockstar Interactive will have one hell of a success on their hands. Maybe the sequel will based be the inevitable results of the actions of the WTO, titled “Third World Sweatshop”.