THE SCARS OF PATCHING [Author: Lum the Mad]

In preperation, Verant has been blasting patch after patch out the overworked login server the past couple of days. Some of them actually worked. Some of them, um, didn’t. Probably the worst of it was for those unfortunates who were knocked offline then had to wade through the patch server before they could return to see if their group died in the interim.

Meanwhile, Verant will be at their local Electronics Boutique watching you camp the CD spawn. (Shipping CDs is no longer hard – now it’s merely outsourced.) As Brad “Aradune” McQuaid put it in a post on Whineplay:

I’ve been shown quite a tour through the varous zones in Velious, and it’s pretty darn amazing stuff 🙂 I think the teams have really outdone themselves this time.

For example, I’m really happy to see traps! (Especially after having so many Rogues upset with me for so long 🙂

Also, wow, are there some great stories and quests! We’ve seen a lot of posts asking for more stories, more RP, and more depth… well, Velious is a HUGE step forward in that direction — there are all sorts of new scripted events involving players and NPCs using some advanced AI enchancements we managed to get implemented.

I can’t wait to hear what you all think 🙂

And, oh, will he, I suspect, as the invasion of the cold and frosty begins tomorrow. (The expansion is already live on the servers; guides and other privileged souls have been exploring for the past week or so.) Although my personal permalowbie status will probably inhibit an in-depth review (my highest level character MIGHT survive Velious’s lowest-level zone) we’ll keep an eye on reaction around the Net and keep you posted. Of course, if you want to save some time, there’s probably shortcuts available to getting that new Velious phat lewt.

Meanwhile, while you wait, say goodbye to Gordon “Abashi” Wrinn, along with Dr. “Dude, I Am So Sued” TwisTer the man who made what it is today. Or something. Anyway, he’s too busy for Whineplay now, as he notes in his farewell post:

As I delve full time into my new position that was announced a few months ago as Associate Producer of EQLive and Velious, I’m going to be pretty busy over the next few months and won’t really be seen on the boards. As such, I’m happy to hand the mantle over to Absor who I’m sure can fill the role now very well.

Approximately 9,320 mages, CERTAIN that their pets were stealth-nerfed, had no immediate comment.