Thunderlips, the Ultimate eBay Seller, sends this:

I loved that armor I found 🙂 While in the town of Skara Brea playing my Bard songs, the citizens would walk up to  me and say “Greetings Avatar, Thy plate armor makes ye look most Manly!”. It even instantly promoted my title from “Arch-Druid” to “The Glorious Lord Thunderlips, Grandmaster of Manliness”. Man I love that armor. I was however a big target for PKs in the Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord. One bastard named Werda ran up to me and said, “Thy armor makes ye look most manly! ~snicker~, I want it! *TILTOWAIT* !!! “. After being light on fire from the thermo-nuclear explosion I attemped to slay him with my wand, The Cane Corpus, but he said the magical words “Kal Ort Por” and disappeared. Just as he faded out, he said “PS: Trebor Sucks!”. I still don’t know what that means…
All in all though, I can live with the PKs with armor like that. Even the Dark elves of Marrowind appreciate the craftsmenship.  Lord Wood himself spoke of my Manliness and send me on a quest to retrieve the 7 peices of the Destiny Wand to defeate the Demi-God “Tarjan”. I did suceed, but the Mega-Dragon teamed up with the Dark Savant and killed my faithful hirelings Iolo and Shamino. Man, I pretty pissed off, but I found a new group of adventured in Thornberry playing a irritaing gambling game called Flip-Flop. After Drittz and Dragonbait joined my quest things seemed much easier… We even slayed the Beast of 1000 eyes in only a slight scuffle.
Later our journeys took us to Phlan and to the the forest know as “The Elder Grove”. Many beasties did we fight! Cuisinarts, Bandi-Phoots, Blast Dragons, Creeping Coins, Brass Dragon-God, Power Liches, Balrons, and even Minons of Malangar. The rewards are trivial compaired my armor however. 49 magic candles? Obsidian Armor? Diamond Swords?  Bah! Junk compaired to my Godly Armor of the Whale! Nothing compairs to that!
Ah, I babble. So is Godly plate going in UO2?