Kira Argounova posted a post-mortem for Siege Perilous in the form of a really long and good audio show.

Among those who rolled over the next morning and realized they were just used and abused was that famed hamburgermonger Ronald McDonald, who sent me this response to my asking if he had a GM Thief yet:

Check this, I just revamped the site so I can be up to date, in with the now, and alternative like everyone else. You just might recognize the layout from one of the 14 other popular UO/EQ sites out there.

I am nothing but original.

I am merely asking you if you would gently plug me (on your site – pervert) if I pass the USDA requirements for Lum Linkage.

Nonetheless, regardless of the STD contagion my page and board often radiate, check the new improved McDonaldland and give me a suggestion or two on how I might one day be as cool as Ralph Macchio.

Oh, and, If I did have a GM Thief on SP, I would be in a bigger pissy-fit than I am already seeing as Origin has had that shard set as their last target for mass dispel. Just when you think the spell has no significant use.

So go visit The Wondrous Land of Happy Meals again, for the very first time. When I checked in this morning it was horribly broken, which is always cool.