THE STATE OF MMOGs TODAY [Author: myschyf]

The Tick has, unwittingly, unwillingly, and unknowingly, contributed the best summation on the state of massive multiplayer online games today. So, without further ado, we give you the 60-second story of MMOGs today:

EQ: More content coming, customer service appears to be getting a clue, film at 11.

UO: More content added, more content coming which is probably the content they cancelled previously from UO2

AC: Trying like hell to combat GEAR use, DT server populated by Killjoys on Crack (or something like that).

AO: Broke, but getting closer to fixed every day. Gonna have to charge you for that lag-o-meter now, son.

WW2O: Racist griefers don’t really exist, and if they did we’ve banned them already. Assuming they could play. And whatnot.

DAoC: Hired Lum, dammit. Hired Tweety. Better not suck, say fanbois.

Shadowbane: Boobs. Again.

Jumpgate: It’s really really good. GBob rules. Did we say it was really, really good?

Star Wars Galaxies: Probably going to rock the rest into oblivion. If it works. In a year.

The End.