THE WORLD ACCORDING TO tOAD [Author: wirehead]

Comments from the Dev Team was updated, this time from an actual dev team member. tOAD explains why he is tOAD and not, say, Romuald the Fearless, and that Necromancy is all his fault and you should cover him with email with 82,045 variations of “fix iiiiiit noooooow!”. While that will actually be harmful to any further development of Necromancy (which has been postponed in favor of stuff that actually may be somewhat useful), while you are sending him email, you are presumably not sending ME email about which SRC is sleeping with whom. And, as I remind you, this is a good thing.

Now that the dark secrets of Necromancy have been laid bare, we are set to find out next week that Sunsword’s research into a new Alchemy system devolved rapidly when he decided to “playtest” the six new kinds of mead set to be introduced into the game, and player races were personally vetoed by Tyrant because “I hate those goddam elves.”