THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE! [Author: niobe]

Ever get tired of those annoying players spouting off about items for sale and stealing all your polygon resources? How dare other people invade your massive multiplayer experience! Today Funcom announced a solution to your problems in their Daily Update

“There has been done a lot of bugfixes in this version and it should also contain one thing some of you asked about on the bulletin boards; to be able to toggle players on/off to reduce numbers of polygons on the screen. We will keep you updated with more information on this patch as soon as it is ready.”

UPDATE:Funcom’s latest Daily Update in response to the discussions over yesterday’s news:

“….We will as soon as we get the memory leaks under control have this situation under control as well.

What we will do is make a slider bar, where you can define your own viewdistance and only your own, and within that viewdistance you will not be able to see other players. This is mainly a function that can be handy to have in the larger citites where we know a lot of players have problems. We hope that this will give people some aid for now, when they are in areas that hold a lot of other players.”

Golf clap to Mizery for pointing out that latest in single player gaming.